Amberson Towers has a number of advisory committees, composed of owners with an interest and/or skills relevant to an aspect of the management of the Association. They function to advise to Council. Descriptions of the committees are included below. All meetings are posted on the public calendar, and are open to all owners.

  • Governance Committee -- Reviews and recommends changes to our governing documents, and other matters related to governance.

  • Finance Committee -- Oversees formulation of the annual budget, participates in planning of major capital expenditures, and develops initiatives to improve our fiscal position.

  • Technology Committee -- Participate in the implementation of technology projects and advises Council on the adoption of new technology.

  • Health & Safety Committee - Advised Council on policies to maintain the health and safety of residents and staff, including measures in response to Covid-19.

  • Social Committee - Organizes and advertises social events held in the building.

  • Gardening Committee - Assists with the planting and maintenance of the exterior flower bed areas, and makes recommendations regarding landscaping of the grounds.

Participation in any of these committees does not have to be a large time commitment.  The only requirement is participating in a meeting via Zoom, probably for about an hour, at most once a month.  If you have ideas and more time to contribute, you also will have the opportunity to do so.  

If you have an interest in participating in any of the committees, please send an email to the Council.

Thanks for your interest in making our community a great place to live!