The Bylaws of Amberson Towers consist of two separate documents:

  1. The Declaration - Mostly detailed information about the building, such as surveyor's coordinates and voting share of each unit. Takes precedence over other documents. First filed on March 14, 1978 and amended twice, most recently September 12, 1978, but only with very minor changes.

  2. The Code of Regulations - Regulates how the building is governed, for example how Council is elected. First filed April 12, 1978 and has been amended seven times (September 1978, 1990, 1994, 1996, 2000, 2016, and 2017).

Amending the Bylaws requires written agreement owners comprising 60% of voting shares.

In addition to the Bylaws, Council promulgates Rules and Regulations by majority vote. The Bylaws are meant to articulate principles of governance that don't frequently change. The Rules and Regulations are much easier to change, and are adapted to circumstances.

The document below is a consolidation of the current Declaration (filed September 12, 1978) and Code of Regulations (filed July 27, 2017). It also includes a version of the Rules and Regulations from 2018, which is out of date. We are working on updating the Rules and Regulations, so that they will be accessible to all.


Sub-pages to this page (click on the down arrow next to Bylaws in the menu) show the history of the Bylaws, and how it changed each of the seven times it was amended. The Declaration has not changed since September 12, 1978. Each page shows how the Code of Regulations changed from the previous version, and also includes a directory of the following files:

  • TIF file - Primary source file, which was downloaded from the Allegheny County Recorder of Deeds

  • PDF file ending in "ocr.pdf" - PDF file which was automatically created from the TIF file, using optical character recognition

  • MD file(s) - Text from PDF OCR file, formatted in markdown, a text-based formatting language. Files that include "with-changes" in the name show deletions crossed out and additions in bold.

  • PDF files - PDF generated from MD files

  • HTML files - HTML files (viewable in a browser) generated from MD files.