Pittsburgh Vertical Clearance Project

The Pittsburgh Vertical Clearance Project is an initiative by Norfolk Southern Rail to use public money to increase the height of bridges on the North Side so that it can run double stack freight trains through our neighborhood 24 hours a day, instead of spending their own money to maintain their existing rights of way along the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers. They did come up with $13 billion to spend on stock buybacks.

Approval of this project would bring noise and air pollution, and risk of derailments and spills of hazardous substances. It would greatly affect the quality of life in our building and neighborhood, and diminish property values. There still may be time to stop it, but those concerned must act. We urge you to become informed and to contact our representatives. We will be posting more information here about how you can oppose the project. Meanwhile, please visit Rail Pollution Protection Pittsburgh.