Over the summer, Council began cleaning up the bike room. We moved to a system of assigned bike parking spots, to improve the safety and accessibility of the bike room, and to make room for new bikes. A notice was placed on each bike, indicating where it should be parked and how to register it.

Of 61 bikes, 31 have been registered, 21 appear not to have been touched (the notice is still on the bike), 4 have not been registered (but the notice has been removed), 4 were gone at the time the bikes were re-inventoried (could have been being ridden, or belong to someone who moved out), and 1 is pending removal (will be donated to Free Ride if not claimed or moved by December 31, 2020). There also is 1 new bike which has not been registered. If it’s yours, please register it. A complete list of unclaimed biked is below.

If you recognize your bike on the list below, please register your bike using the form below. Also, if the number of your parking spot is odd, please park your bike with the front wheel facing out (remember Odd numbers face Out). This is to stagger the handle bars and make it possible to park the bikes with higher density.

If you have a bike you keep in your apartment but want to park it in the bike room or garage, you can also request a spot through the web site. Eventually, bikes that can’t be identified will be removed and donated or otherwise disposed of when space is needed for new bikes. Please take a moment to register.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us. Thanks for your cooperation!

Bikes That Have Not Been Touched (notice still attached, never moved)

Black Schwinn Discover (Bike ID=1005, Spot=A06)
Black Granite Peaks Roadmaster (Bike ID=1026, Spot=D06)

Blue Generic Generic (Bike ID=1004, Spot=A05)

Green Next Shocker 2G (Bike ID=1002, Spot=A02)

Grey Diamondback Klomar (Bike ID=1029, Spot=E03)
Grey Magna Great Divide (Bike ID=1030, Spot=D02)
Grey Trek Navigator (Bike ID=1036, Spot=Q03)
Grey Trek Series 4 (Bike ID=1043, Spot=Q07)
Grey Schwinn Ranger (Bike ID=1051, Spot=S01)
Grey Huffy Granite (Bike ID=1052, Spot=S02)

Maroon Schwinn Sidewinder (Bike ID=1001, Spot=A01)
Maroon Generic Generic (Bike ID=1053, Spot=S03)

Red Generic Generic (Bike ID=1034, Spot=Q01)

White Schwinn Discover (Bike ID=1020, Spot=D01)
White Del Sol LXI 2.0 (Bike ID=1045, Spot=Q09)

Bikes Note Ridden (notice attacked but has been moved)

Black Austro-Diamler Inter 10 (Bike ID=1044, Spot=S05)
Black Schwinn Discover (Bike ID=1054, Spot=T03)
Grey Raleigh Technium (Bike ID=1033, Spot=Q02)
White Schwinn Ranger (Bike ID=1056, Spot=Q08)

Bikes Not Registered (noteice removed)

Black Public (Bike ID=1011, Spot=B02)
Black Generic (Bike ID=1023, Spot=D03)
Grey Breezer Discovery (Bike ID=1012, Spot=B03)

Pending Removal (may be donated any time)

Blue/Green Huffy Superia (Bike ID=1007)